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New California Employment Law Changes for 2020!

Here are a just a few changes going into effect 1/1/2020 that you will need to be aware of (we can assist with updating your organization on all of these):

  • AB 9 - Extend the statute of limitations for FEHA claims from one to three years;
  • AB 5 - Codify the California Supreme Court’s Dynamex ruling regarding independent contractors while identifying various exemptions;
  • AB 51 - Prohibit mandatory pre-employment arbitration agreements for violations of the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and/or Labor Code;
  • SB 188 - Amend the FEHA to preclude racial discrimination related to hairstyles;
  • SB 142 - Further expand workplace lactation accommodation requirements;
  • SB 778 - Delay the new harassment training deadlines for smaller employers and non-supervisory employees from January 1, 2020 to January 1, 2021 and to clarify that employees who received sexual harassment training in 2018 need not be re-trained in 2019;
  • AB 1804/AB 1805 - Update the requirements and procedures for reporting serious workplace injuries;
  • AB 1223 - Require employers to provide up to an additional thirty days of unpaid leave for organ donations;
  •  AB 61 - Authorize employers and/or co-workers to petition for gun violence restraining orders;
  • AB 25 - Amend the California Consumer Privacy Act to temporarily exclude information gathered by employers in the employment context.


  • SB 3 - Authorizing State annual minimum wage increases until it reaches $15.00 and identifying a two-tiered schedule for the effective dates of these increases depending on whether the employer has more than 25 employees;
  •  Local - 26 Municipality Minimum Wage Changes throughout the state, higher than the State Minimum wage threshold;
  • AB 673 - Expanded Remedies for Pay Day Violations; AB 229 – New Enforcement Mechanisms for Labor Commissioner Citations Relating to Retaliation Complaints;
  • SB 698 - Specific Payday Rules for UC Regents Employees;
  • SB 286 - Specific Payday Rules for “Events Employees” for Professional Baseball Teams;
  • SB 671 - Wage Payment Rules for “Print Shoot” Employees; and
  • AB 267 - Employing Infants in the Entertainment Industry.

Virtual Training Seminars

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Letizia HR Solutions is excited to be offering both live virtual seminars and on-demand seminars on a variety of topics including, "California Employment Law Essentials for Business", AB1825 Compliant Harassment Prevention for Supervisors, Performance Management, Leadership Skills, Effective Human Relations Management, and more!

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With extensive experience of more than 30 years in human resource management and business strategy, I can design a step-by-step, cost-effective plan for you to achieve optimum ongoing productivity for your company.

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